Mighty Mediterraneans and Flavoursome Falafels: Discover our Frozen Vegetarian & Vegan pizza!

The Goodfella’s Vegan Pizza has been created to cater for non-meat eaters and meat eaters alike., there will be No more missing out on Friday nights and – everyone can gather round and enjoy our delicious vegan pizzas.

For all your vegan and veggie friends and family, Goodfella’s our frozen Vegan Pizza  is the way to go. These Goodfella’s Baked on Italian stone, Goodfella’s vegan pizza dough is then topped with rich flavours, sensational seasoning and vegetable goodness, then frozen quickly to lock in the freshness. 

With a variety of vegan pizza toppings to choose from, our frozen pizzas are perfect for hosting.  pizzas are perfect for hosting as we’ve got a variety of flavours from Whether you’re feeling Mediterranean to or have a fancy for Falafel,  to choose from! Friday nights have never tasted so good.

Explore our range below and purchase from retailers such as Ocado and Morrison’s.  
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