Our Sustainable Path

Working Together for a Better Future

We are continuously developing our sustainability agenda by considering our role in the world and the impact we have as an organisation. This is how we put sustainability at the heart of how we do business and how we are working towards a future where both people and the planet can thrive.

Better sourcing

We source with care and respect for people and for the environment. We focus on sustainable sourcing practices and are expanding our sustainable farming standards from regional practices to global standards.

Better nutrition

We want to inspire families to eat a more balanced diet and live a healthier lifestyle. Our pizzas are fast frozen to lock in the freshness and flavour. As freezing is nature’s way of preserving there’s no need for us to use any artificial colours or flavours. 

Better operations

We are reducing our impact on the environment by focusing on energy, water and waste management.

Sustainability is important for our employees, which is why we work together for a more sustainable future. We strive for equality and diversity in our workforce.

For more information please visit https://www.nomadfoods.com/eating for the planet/