The Goodfella's Story

Inspired by the Italian New York pizzerias found in Little Italy, in 1993, Goodfella’s pizza was born with the aim of bringing a slice of deep pan to the UK and Ireland. Ever since then we have

focused on making pizza the proper way; with respect. Each Goodfella’s pizza starts its life as an individual dough ball, which is rested to develop the texture and flavour before being baked on real

Italian stone and then topped with the highest quality toppings for an authentic taste of New York. Goodfella’s Pizza. Made with Respect 



    Goodfella’s launches the authentic deep pan pizza in Ireland.


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    In 1995, Goodfella’s is introduced in the UK market following the successful launch of Deep Pan.


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    In 1999, Goodfella’s introduces our popular Stone baked Thin & Crispy range into the UK & Irish market.


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    After the huge success of our Goodfella’s deep pan and thin and crispy ranges, an updated logo followed.


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    In 2005 we launched our first takeaway products. Back then, they were called “Friday Fever”.


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    With a new decade just around the corner, we modernised our logo, and the pizza fairy was seen on TV for the first time.


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    The launch of a new logo bringing Goodfella’s back to its original roots of ‘The Italian Way..’


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    We modernised our logo to bring Goodfella’s into the 21st century. It has been serving us well ever since.


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    We launched our new campaign "Made with Respect" with refreshed logo and packaging across the range.

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    We updated our logo and full range of packaging to be closer to our Italian-American heritage.

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Where are Goodfella’s pizzas made?

Our frozen pizzas are made in the heart of Ireland. You will find our Goodfella’s stonebaked and deep pan pizzas whipped up in Naas (County Kildare) and the Goodfella’s takeaway pizza baked to perfection in Longford.

Now that you have learned about our humble beginnings, it’s time to check out our full range of frozen pizzas and garlic bread! Whether you’re after a deep-dish pizza or a cheesy garlic bread, we’ve got you covered! If cheese and bread is not your thing, you should check out our gluten free and vegan pizza collection, they’re sure to go down a treat.