Goodfella’s Pizza, Garlic Bread and Ready Meals:

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Here at Goodfella's, we make our pizzas with just one ingredient; respect. From the way we prove our dough then bake it on Italian stone, to the sauce that we make fresh every day, our frozen pizzas are made just the way they should be - to the highest standards.

The same respect and care goes into our Goodfella’s garlic bread too. Available plain or cheesy, our frozen garlic bread is made using a yummy stone baked pizza base.

Everything that we do as a frozen pizza brand is centred on our core principal of “gathering round a Goodfella’s” and bringing joy to every meal time. With manic lives, we value the importance of sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a high quality meal together. Here, you will find out everything about us. Who we are, where we have come from, our selection of frozen pizzas and garlic bread and where you can buy these from.

Want to buy pizzas now? Explore our range of Goodfella’s Pizza and Garlic Bread below and shop from retailers such as Ocado and Morrison’s.


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Now that you’ve had a taster, it’s time to check out the full Goodfella’s range of frozen pizza and garlic bread. Whether you fancy a deep dish pizza or a snacking pizza pocket, there’s something for everyone here at Goodfella’s.