Pizza Party Ideas for Children and Adults Alike

Whether it’s a housewarming or a birthday, p
lanning a party can be quite a challenging endeavour. After all, there’s a lot to organise, from inviting guests to choosing a themeto preparing good food that everyone can enjoy.

It’s a lot to handle, but there is simple and elegant solution... a pizza party! After all, who doesn’t love pizza?

The pizza party has acquired near legendary status and is as popular for children’s birthdays as it is for adults in the workplace. The only issue is that they are so popular nowthere is a risk that yours may seem a little stale, which is the last thing you want when dealing with pizza.

So, lets take a look at some fun and creative pizza party ideas to help you cook up an amazing event whatever the occasion!

Delicious Pizza Party Food Ideas

Food is a key aspect of any party, but when food is the actual theme of the party, it’s even more important to get it right. Luckily, pizza is a great place to start, and is one of the most popular and versatile foods beloved by children and adults alikeSome people may think that a pizza party inherently limityour options when it comes to food, but there are many ways to get creative with your pizza party menu, so let’s take a look at some of them.


Pizza Party Appetizers 

If you’re thinking of taking a multi-course approach, appetizers are a must. Let’s look at some of the best ideas to get your party off to a flying start.

Garlic BreadA truly classic accompaniment to any pizza, and here at Goodfella’s you can find several options including our stonebaked and gluten-free options.

SaladA tasty choice that can also be used to garnish the pizzas when they arrive with the main course.

Pizza rollsA platter of mini pizza rolls is another great way to tease your guests’ tastebuds and get them ready for the main course, without ruining their appetite

BruschettaAnother aromatic bread dish, bruschetta is delicious and can also be the base for some amazing sauces or dips.

Main Course (Pizza Time!)

The main course is the centre piece of any dinner party, but when it’s a pizza party, it really has to hit the spot. Luckily, pizza is not only popular, but incredibly flexible, meaning you can cater to even the pickiest party goer.

In fact, why not go for a mix of different options? We offer a whole host of different pizza varieties to suit even the fussiest of eaters, available to purchase in-store at your favourite supermarket.

Classic Stonebaked Margherita PizzaThe poster boy of pizzaNpizza party menu would be complete without it.

The Takeaway Meat FeastA great option for meat lovers, and packing a mountain of mouth-watering toppings, this pizza is not for the faint of heart!

Deep Pan DecadenceFor those who like their pizzas on the chunky side, look no further than a deliciously doughy deep pan pizza.

Meatless MediterraneanA magnificent meat-free option for vegetarians who don’t want to compromise on flavour.

Gluten-Free PepperoniMake sure no one misses out, with this glorious gluten free option

Pizza Party Side Dishes

Sides are a great way to provide some extra colour and flavour to support your pizzas, without stealing the spotlight!

NachosAdds a ton of crunch to your menu and are a perfect excuse to break out the guacamole or salsa

Garlic BreadA great starter or side dish, garlic bread goes with pizza like nothing else!

FriesThe only thing that may be as popular as pizza are French fries, so consider including this party menu staple.

SaladHealthy sides for pizza are just as important to balance out all the carby goodness!



Nothing screams celebration more clearly than a delectable dessert. Sure, you could go for cake or even ice cream, but why not try something different? Consider swapping out that birthday cake for a dessert pizza!

Show-Stopping Pizza Party Decorations

Decorating is a great way to make your party stand out and sticking to the pizza theme gives you plenty of options.

• Go GeographicalWhether its Italy or the famous pizza cities of Chicago or New York, you can take inspiration from the various pizza capitals of the world to bring your party’s décor to life!

• Pizza Prints Go pizza mad and print pizzas on your tablecloths, napkins, plates or even party hats to make sure no one forgets exactly how much you love pizza.

• Pizza Slice Bunting This one is a bit of a no brainer, allowing you to hoist your pizza’s proudly into the sky!

Fun-Filled Pizza Party Games and Activities

No party is complete without some fun activities, whether you want to work up an appetite or burn off some energy (or calories!). Make some memorable moments with some of these pizza themed party games!

• Pizza Box Assembly Race Have your party goers race to see who can build a pizza box the quickest!

• Pizza Box Balancing Contest Balance a pizza box on your guests’ heads, and then have them race each other to the finish line. Anyone whose pizza box falls off their head is disqualified!

• The Leaning Tower of Pizza Have your guests stack pizza boxes as high as possible, whoever has the highest tower is the winner!

• Pizza Box PuzzlingCut up your favourite pizza box and scatter the pieces, then have your party goers attempt to reassemble it.


We hope these pizza party ideas have given you some food for thought (pun-intended)and help you on the way to an amazing celebration! If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our garlic bread meal inspiration guide or learn about the history and origins of pizza.